Oak Kitchen Furniture - Dining Table Sets

Save yourself time and money by purchasing a complete oak dining table set from Besp-Oak Kitchens. We have several designs to choose from so you can select the option that fits best with your existing decor.

Solid Oak Dining Table Sets with Four or Six Chairs

If you’re a large family or you prefer to you’re an experienced dinner party host, our oak dining table sets with six chairs are the ideal option for you. Our elegant oak dining chairs will match perfectly with your oak dining table, and you’ll have extra room for guests when it’s time to host a delicious dinner.

Alternatively, opt for our solid oak dining table sets with four chairs if you don’t need the extra seating. Our dining table sets are designed to keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life so you won’t need to replace them for decades to come. 

Oak Extending Dining Table Sets

Our solid oak extendable dining tables provide a space saving solution for your home. Instead of commiting to a large oak table, you can purchase one of our extendable oak dining table sets which allows you to make your table larger when you need the extra space. 

Invest in a Quality Oak Dining Table Set 

Your dining table will see a lot of activity over the years so it’s important that you invest in oak furniture that is hard-wearing and built to last. All of our oak dining table sets are crafted using age-old joinery traditions, and as a result lots of care and attention is put into each and every product. 

Shop the full range and find the perfect oak dining table set for your home today. .