5 Kitchen Trends for 2020

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Now we are in the last half of the year, a lot of people looking to redesign their kitchen will be planning to begin their project next year. With this in mind, we have looked ahead to the top 5 kitchen trends for 2020.


Industrial kitchen style is one of the kitchen trends that seems to be growing in popularity and is sure to continue through to 2020.

If you want to add a touch of industrial style to your kitchen or dining room, you could add pendant lights above your kitchen island to make a style statement like the ones below from Sarru Home :

Another great way to get involved in this trend is to have a large industrial style dining table


Open Shelving-

With influence from the industrial movement and also the trend towards minimalism, people are choosing to increase the open space in their kitchens by removing the upper cabinets on their kitchens and instead opting for clear wall space, or open shelving to showcase a few select display objects.

To increase the storage in your kitchen why not try one of our beautiful larders? Store all your dry goods away and leave the walls above your worktops free of clutter.

Stone Sinks-

Unique luxury stone sinks are a way to add your own touch to your kitchen. A focus on high-quality natural materials that will stand the test of time is highly valued nowadays.


Marble Sink Trend

Besp-Oak kitchen has a choice of cabinets with space for single or double Belfast sinks which are perfect to display your artisanal sink.



Still massively popular. Whether you prefer oval islands or rectangular, granite top or solid oak, open shelving or doors to keep things hidden.

You can even place 2-3 of our freestanding units together to create your own island, exactly how you want it.

Feature Splashbacks-

Everyone knows about the trend for ornate ceramic tiles which is still very popular.

Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

The newest kitchen trend is aged copper backsplashes and more unique materials.


Aged Copper Backsplash Kitchen Trend


This would look fantastic with our natural oak finish, and has the benefit of being anti-bacterial so ideal for the kitchen! For any samples of our oak colour, feel free to contact us at info@besp-oakkitchens.co.uk

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