Interior Design Trends 2020: How To Step-up Your Home Decor in the New Year

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As with fashion and diet trends, interior design trends can change as often as the weather. However, if you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to home decor and design, looking at the latest trends can give you a rough idea of where to begin.

Modern interiors come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles. These can range from grungy industrial designs to light and airy Scandinavian interiors. The challenge lies in finding your ideal look and combining it with your personal home style to create a space that you’ll love for many years to come. To help with your home decor project, we’ve spoken to several established interior designers to get their opinions on the world of interiors. Find out what they think will be the top interior design trends of 2020 below.

1. Emma Merry

"In 2020 we will be in a process of healing and that translates to interiors. We will look to build wellbeing into how we live. We will incorporate more natural elements and start to understand the huge impact colour can have on happiness within the home. The re-cycle and re-use community will continue to build strength as we have one eye on the impact our spending has on our world."

Website: HomeMilk

2. Vanessa Arbuthnott

1. Bold Geometrics - will be in next year, playful blocks of colour, like abstract paintings, for fabrics, walls and floor rugs.

2. Structured Simplicity – Scandinavian simplicity -relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalistic. Crafted artisan style, unrefined finishes and good quality rather than quick-fix buys. Textures and tactile qualities can be introduced through fabrics, rugs, throws, ceramics and natural woods; for instance: wool, sheepskin, wicker, earthenware and ash/bleached wood floors and furniture.

3. Retro – next year’s trend celebrates and reimagines Mid-Century interiors which have always been a great favourite of mine. Bauhaus is renowned for its clean lines and simple, yet stylish aesthetic."

Colour palette for 2020:

"The emphasis on natural pigments, with soft mustards, cool blues and greys teamed with accents of warmer pinks and oranges. This organic colour palette can be complemented by dark teal blues and leaf green all create a relaxed, neutral feel in a room.”

Website: Vanessa Arbuthnott

3. Louise Misell

“Colour is a big story in interiors this year, and we are becoming braver with our choices for our homes. For 2020, there is a real shift towards using colour in exciting ways in kitchens, with many kitchen designers using bright colours in islands, runs of units or even ‘colour blocking’ to make parts of the design a real feature. Gone are the days when we all opted for a ‘safe’ white kitchen so that it wouldn’t date or put off potential future buyers, we are embracing the way colour can make us feel and the positive impact that colour can have on our lives.”

Website: Louise Misell Interiors

4. Beth and Jon Miller

"We think next year will be about going back to basics. Rustic, raw materials like plywood, oak and steel mixed with classic colours like blue and green. It’ll be about creating interiors that last, rather than following the latest trends and changing things on a regular basis. So, whatever people choose for their home will have a longevity and timeless feel."

Website: Fresh Start Living

5. Andy Crawford

"In 2020 we can expect to see a variety of different interior design changes such as a movement away from "clean-perfection". The past few years white interior paint and modern design has been one of the most common trends, but I believe that we will see a transition into darker interior colors such as dark grey interior doors. The darker colors can also be matched with a more antique style of decorations compared to the modern look that has been so popular the past few years."

Website: Hand Made Mind Made

6. Kiran Singh

“Many set sights on their diet and what to eat, however, they forget about the other aspects of life that need to change for your lifestyle to be 100% vegan. Home décor and furnishings are one of the more forgotten about areas when it comes to switching to vegan for the first time, and with options from places such as Ikea and Amazon, to higher-end stores, like Wayfair, turning your home vegan doesn’t need to put a dent in your bank account.

Although going to a well-known store may be your first option when buying new home goods, there are many small brands/companies who sell from larger retailers, such as Etsy, who have created new and unique products, due to the increasing demand of having vegan/animal-friendly goods.”

Website: Kiran Singh

7. Katharine Pooley

“2020 is already looking like a busy year for us. I feel the next big thing will be to bring fresh subtle mint greens to our palettes. I have already designed some beautiful rooms that incorporate these shades, and when mixed with whites and creams leads to a super luxurious interior.”

Website: Katharine Pooley

8. Alexander Joseph

At Alexander Joseph we predict that 2020 is going to be a year of substantial change for the interior design industry, especially for lighting. People are opting for more decorative pieces when it comes to their table and floor lamps, many are even hoping to make them bespoke. Contemporary designs will also make a big appearance in 2020.”

Website: Alexander Joseph

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