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We wanted to tell you a bit more in depth about the new additions to our solid oak freestanding range. We have added several new freestanding units which will help you to build a kitchen of your dreams, that will last for years to come!

KIC039 Double Larder

A new addition to our larder offering, this double larder is the last word in kitchen storage. Featuring 7 drawers, 4 handwoven seagrass baskets and 12 shelves, it would make a beautiful feature in your kitchen. The 2 large doors with generous sized racks on the back are supported by extra solid hinges, which means you can load up the racks to about 10 kg. You can be sure of the highest quality with our 10 year guarantee.

KIC037 Butchers Block & KIC038 Double Butchers Block

These new butcher blocks make a fantastic focal point for your kitchen, no matter the size or space you are working with. Featuring hand-woven seagrass baskets, removable chopping board tops and heavy-duty metal castors. Above all, they can be moved easily around the kitchen to suit your needs.

KIC025 Double oven cabinet

This versatile tall cabinet can be used to house two oven units or an oven and microwave. With 2 doors above and two soft close drawers underneath, this unit offers plenty of extra storage for your kitchen.

KIC026 Oven Cabinet

Oven Cabinet featuring a soft close drawer which is perfect for storing baking trays and other knick knacks.

KIC027 Narrow Pull Out Larder

This versatile larder is a great use of space when planning your kitchen. Perfect for filling gaps in your kitchen design, this unit pulls out to reveal two shelves which are ideal for storing oils, vinegars and other condiments.

KIC041 - Wall Corner Unit

This wall corner unit will make a very helpful addition to your solid oak kitchen. For easy access to the entire internal space, the door is hinged and opens up completely. This useful cabinet helps you get the most out of every inch of your kitchen wall space.

Don’t forget you can also talk to our team who will help you design your dream kitchen that works perfectly for you.

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