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Designing a Kitchen - Why Use a Moodboard?

Kitchen Design Moodboard

When designing your kitchen it can be hard to know where to start. It’s arguably the most difficult room in the house as it has to be completely practical, stylish and it needs to work with you and for you for years to come. This is where a kitchen design moodboard can come in handy.

Do you follow the crowd and go for something totally on trend, or do you go for a classic style you will enjoy for years? The truth is no-one can answer these questions but yourself. We all know that Instagram and Pinterest are great tools to help you define your style, but we also think it’s important to remember the good old moodboard.

Moodboard for Moody Blue Kitchen Design

Kitchen Colour Choices

First thing to do would be to collect a few things to help you decide on a colour palette you love. Try going to a DIY shop and collecting a few free paint swatches. These are a great tool because they come in strips of harmonious tones of the same colour, which can help when choosing. You can also buy an interior decorating magazine and tear out some colours that catch your eye. Add all of these to your moodboard for inspiration.

Colour Swatches

Bear in mind that wall paint is not the only colour choice to be made in the kitchen. In fact it’s possibly the least important. Cabinet colours, countertops, the backsplash and the flooring are all much harder (and expensive) to change as your tastes change, so you want to be able to live with those for years. Wall colour is a great place to experiment as it is so much easier to repaint the walls for a new look.


Other sources of inspiration can be slightly more personal. A beautiful piece of crockery you wish to display may have the perfect colour scheme or pattern- use this to influence your decisions or for an idea for your colour scheme. Accessories such as a beautiful art print, rug or even a tea towel can inspire.

Bright Kitchen Crockery


Then you will need to think about the materials that go into your kitchen- countertop, flooring and splash back. Your counter top is the most hardwearing item in the kitchen so it’s worth investing in the highest quality material you can afford that fits in your colour scheme.

If you can get small samples of tiles, flooring and countertop you can add them to the kitchen design moodboard, this will then highlight if the scheme is too busy or too flat, and you can adjust to suit.

Kitchen Tile Design

Also don’t forget to add fabric swatches for curtains, blinds and seating where needed. You may want to use a pop of colour on the seating to liven up the general scheme for example.

Next Steps

Once you have your perfect kitchen design moodboard, it’s time for the practical considerations such as cabinets and storage.

Contact us at Besp-Oak Kitchens for help with your design. Firstly accurately measure your kitchen space keeping in mind door openings and windows.

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