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Choosing your Sideboards

The perfect accompaniment to a living room or dining space, a sideboard not only conceals a whole host of homewares, but also offers a fantastic opportunity to create an eye-catching display on top. From contemporary to traditional, there’s a design for every style of home, so sit back, relax and start shopping now for your ideal addition.

Sideboards are unassuming pieces of furniture but they are actually really useful in many rooms around the house. Whether you want one for the kitchen, dining room, living room or hallway, they can neatly store away all sorts of bits and bobs while staying stylishly unassuming against a wall.

What size sideboard should I consider?

Take into account the overall size of the room, the size of your dining table if putting your sideboard in the dining room, and the size of any other furniture you have in the space. In general, sideboards are large, heavy pieces, so be sure yours balances the room instead of overpowering it.

What style sideboard should I choose?

Sideboards date back to the 18th century, but today’s selection includes contemporary and modern styles in addition to antiques. When considering a style, take into account the theme that your dining room currently represents and try to find something that will complement it. A splash of bright paint on an antique will create a contemporary edge, or an all-white mid-century piece may add an interesting contrast to a modern table. Choose a buffet with some open shelving if you’d like to keep favourite items accessible and/or on display. For the items that you’d like to keep behind closed doors, cabinetry in glass, frosted glass or hand-painted oak are all great options, depending on your needs. Consider sliding cabinet doors to avoid getting in the way of foot traffic.

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