How to Prepare Your Kitchen Space.

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Rather than wondering how you are going to prepare for the transition of getting a new kitchen, we decided to try and answer any questions you might have about the entire kitchen process. We appreciate that some people to think ahead so they know exactly what to expect, and exactly what they will need to consider, way in advance. Please take a read below to help you prepare, confidently and calmly for the delivery of your new kitchen.


If you’re supplying your own appliances, be sure to consider their delivery dates as you will need to be 100% certain they’ll be here in time. Make a note of the model numbers for each appliance to give them to the surveyor, or designer, as they will double check what you’ve chosen will fit within the cabinetry.

Remove the existing kitchen

If you’re feeling strong, you might be able to do this yourself with the help of a few friends, if not then a local tradesmen will be able to assist.

Install any new windows or doors

Or rather, get the right people to do this for you! They need to be completely finished before we move onto the next step.

Reposition the electrics

Your electrician should put together an electrical plan based on your kitchen layout.

And then the plumbing

Your plumber will be able to use the kitchen plan to reconfigure all of your plumbing.

Prepare the floor

This could involve removing the existing flooring, installing underfloor heating, or applying a screed or levelling compound.

“Make good”

By this, people tend to mean plastering the walls.


Any painting (including the ceiling). Remember to apply a wash-coat on bare plaster first and let it soak in before applying the next two coats.

Lay the new flooring

The final thing you need to do before the cabinetry arrives, safe in the knowledge no paint or plaster will fall upon it.

That should be everything

You can search online for your local tradesmen who can help assist with the process.

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